Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WimBash Cabarete 2013 and the DREAM Music Program needs your help!

Living Colour will be making a special stop from our #Vivid25 tour to support The DREAM Music Program in the Dominican Republic. Please take a moment to support this great cause, help us place a guitar in the hands of an impoverished youth, strings on a bass and a song in their life.

Please take time to check it out and give what you can.

We will be celebrating WimBas>>Cabarete 2013 w/ a special unplugged performance May 10th and May 11th w/ a show on the beach.
WimBash>>Cabarete 2013 proceeds to benefit the DREAM Music Program

WimBash>>Cabarete 2013 Schedule:

May 8: WimBash Kickoff with Electro Swing at Ojo Skylounge - 10p.m.
May 9: WimBash Family Night featuring Kaicetos Circus on the beach - 7p.m.
May 10: WimBash Unplugged! DREAM Music Program Fundraiser at Ojo - 7p.m.
May 11: WimBash>>Cabarete 2013 Presents Living Colour LIVE ON THE BEACH! - 7p.m.

https://www.facebook.com/WimBashCabarete for all info


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Edward said...

I was looking for this schedule. Thanks for posting it. I will support this music project. And definitely will join from May 8 to may 11. Love this project so much. I believe it will success.