Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy 19th Anniversary/Birthday STAIN!

Ever wonder about the alternate solos you may have encountered on STAIN? Ron St. Germain provides a few stories from the recording process... Enjoy!

STAIN: the story behind the alternate solos by Ron St. Germain: I remember talking to Michael Caplan about how to accomplish that! Only 25,000 copies got pressed of the 3 songs with the '2 different solos' on them and NOTHING was mentioned in the press about that. The reaction took quite a while to surface (and many have NEVER heard the various versions to this day), but the effect was EXACTLY as planned... another piece of musical HISTORY for us, Gents!

LOVE the vocals in front of the 10' satellite dish with the realtime...And Corey sang the vocals between 3:30 and 5:30 a.m. outside on a hill where the working satellite dish was set up at Longview Farm Studios in N. Brookfield, MA! BTW, I recorded Vernon's solo in Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY around the same time of morning and opened the barn doors to the studio and mic'd it up outside about 100' away. We actually woke up an A&R man who lived up there and he called... NOT to complain, either, but to compliment us on the sounds!

ALSO...After recording at Bearsville we went to LVF to over dub solos & vocals for almost a month. During this time I fell in love with the alternate solos as well as our "main" solos and decided to do the alternate mixes 'just to have'. At the end of the sessions I put the idea up to Michael Caplan their A&R guy and after hearing them he actually agreed that it would be a very cool thing to do on the 'low down'. (It NEVER would have happened without HIS approval!). We had to do it that way because the 'higher ups' would never go for putting out two versions of the same album at the same time. Michael had that rock 'n roll rebel thang goin' on, too and so we took the chance. We had to make two "pressing masters" and do a separate 'limited run' of only 25,000 copies and could only do that at ONE of the pressing plants. As the fates would have it, the first two albums I bought at two different record stores in NYC, I actually got one of EACH version! AMAZING! Totally random! Like winning the lottery. I was jumping up & down like a little kid. Nice piece of Rock history and there are 24,999 others out there who also OWN a piece of that history! Awwwww Yeaaaaahhh!

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