Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Note to Shiprocked passengers, fans, bands and crew

It comes with deep regret, but unfortunately we must cancel our Shiprocked cruise experience. Vernon Reid was involved in an early morning bike accident, dislocating his finger, chipped tooth, and facial lacerations. Swelling has not gone down enough to freely move his fingers. Please read this account from Vernon :

(On Nov 4th)…I started my ride at about 4:10 am. The streets were nearly devoid of cars, I saw a single truck & 1 other car at the start of my ride. The next car I saw was at the bottom of a long hill coming around a curve I’ve never liked, either driving or riding, the junction of Cebra St, St Paul’s St, & Beach Street; a semi-blind corner. I was going down hill north on Cebra, and the car, a dark sedan, was coming south, up Beach, curving onto St Paul’s. The car’s trajectory was Not Good. My attempt to escape what looked to be an even worse head-on collision avoided hitting the car straight on, but put the bike down hard, and had me bellowing in pain on the ground. My pain turned to panic when I pulled off my padded Izumi bike glove and saw the horribly wrong angle my ring finger on my fretting hand had taken. My head also made direct contact with the street, cracking a tooth, and bruising my face.. The car had three sober, twenty-something young men, who called 911.

My wife Gabri had gotten me a newer, better helmet than the old top- of-the head suburbanite model I used for years. That helmet maybe saved my life. The CAT scan was positive. My finger was dislocated, not broken or fractured, which is a miracle-after popping it back in, the x-rays showed my skeletal finger in straight alignment. My ER doc, Ben Kavinoky was heroic, staying on 2 hours after a brutal 12 hour shift. So much of what happened positively at the hospital was At the insistence of my wife Gabri, who insisted on getting the best doctor on the floor for me. Gabri got that call from the cops no spouse ever wants to get. She wasn’t just a trooper, she was a marine. She got a trusted neighbor to watch over our daughter Idea, then rushed to the ER, and made it back in time to get Idea to school without freaking her out. I’m VERY lucky.

Over the course of the last 10 days I’ve been dealing with treatment & it’s options, assessing the seriousness of my injuries with my doctors.-I had every intention of pressing forward, & playing the cruise, having cancelled all other pending events-the possibility of playing was initially not discounted, but the pain & swelling has turned out to be persistent, albeit improving day by day. I HATE not playing for you guys, & will miss hanging out with so many great bands! Shift Happens. And Thank God it wasn’t MUCH much worse!

I hope you all have a great time! We WILL see all of you very soon!


Vernon Reid

Wednesday, November 09, 2011