Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute featuring: Vernon Reid, Jack Bruce, John Medeski, Cindy Blackman

Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute featuring: Vernon Reid, Jack Bruce, John Medeski, Cindy Blackman

Jan 27 Blue Note, NYC
Jan 28 Blue Note, NYC
Jan 29 Blue Note, NYC
Jan 30 Blue Note, NYC

8 and 10:30pm shows

Blue Note Jazz Club
131 W. 3rd St
New York, NY 10012

Feb 2 Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
Feb 3 Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
Feb 4 Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
Feb 5 Yoshi's, Oakland, CA

8PM/10PM Shows Nightly: $35

Yoshi's Oakland
510 Embarcadero West
Oakland, CA 94607

Feb 7 Jazz Alley, Seattle, WA
Feb 8 Jazz Alley, Seattle, WA

7:30 and 10pm shows

Jazz Alley
6th Avenue and Lenora Street
Seattle, WA

visit Vernon Reid's facebook page for up-to-date information.


elvisdead said...

Hey! My name's Pablo and live so far away of you, so far away of his music... I am from Argentina and finally I could buy me his last album "The Chair In The Doorway (2009)", which already one finds next to another album that I bought myself of you, "CollideØscope (2003)"
I'm 21 years old and what can I say of you? You are a band of rock that really me demonstrates what is the real rock .. the rock in his maximum power. I tell them that I am a journalist of rock and specialize myself in the topic. I believe that I do not know any other band of the United States that it has arisen in the epoch of 1980 and continues sounding (and every time better!) that LIVING COLOUR.
Corey,Vernon, Will and Doug...You are my modal in the international rock (for my, because I am from Argentina) and you it are going to continue being!
I write to them from this humble comment hoping that at some time you read it, I would feel very proud to know that, thanks to the virtual world, someone of you shared my ideas.
Indeed guys, never change. And always I am going to wait for them to see you live, my great dream to expiring.

With a great fondness, from Argentina, Pablo

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