Thursday, April 01, 2010

Living Colour Brazil May 2010

May 14th
Venue : Autódromo Nelson Piquet
Address:- Entrada Leste (atrás do Colégio Militar) Brasília - DF - Brazil
Hour: 11:30 pm
F1Mania.Net information

May 16th - 3AM
Venue: Praça Julio Prestes - Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil


Bruno Vargas said...

Don't forget Porto Alegre!!!!!

Federico said...

You mean May 2010, right ?

please, come back to Buenos Aires as well around that time

María José Gonzalez said...

Come back to Argentina Please!!! Happy Easter :)!

André Rocha said...

Belo Horizonte wants you guys again too!!!

Anonymous said...

If you have 5 free days until japan, why can't you como to argentina!!! so sad man. People in argentina loves you!! think about it!!

Juan said...

Please come back to Argentina!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Brazil and Argentina sold out all their shows to warrant this "please come back to ___ "

They toured, they visited, they have plans to head to Japan. Let them get acclimated to the time zone to give the Japanese fans the best show they deserve! They haven't been to Japan since the 90's!

María José Gonzalez said...

They sold all in Argentina and made a extra concert for the big demand. Obviously that we want that they have a excellent days in any country included on the tour :).

We hope that someday comeback to Argentina.

Federico said...

You know, my anonymous friend, some of us just can't get enough of Living Colour

we want to see them live over and over, because we love the guys and their music

for the record, most of the Argentinian shows were sold out as far as I know, not only in this tour but since 1993 on, trust me

Anonymous said...

they didn't tour much of the states... pretty much only the borders of the US... so sad