Monday, November 09, 2009

Pepsi Music Festival - Living Colour setlist

Pepsi Music Festival(November 7th, 2009)

Set List

1-Middle Man
2-Time's Up
3-The Chair
5-Behind the Sun
6-Bless Those
7-Glamour Boys
8-Elvis is Dead
10-Cult of Personality


Federico said...

Living Colour live
Showcase Radio Show "Cual Es" FM Rock & Pop
Buenos Aires(November 11th, 2009)

Set List

1-Burned Bridges
2-The Chair
4-Young Man
6-Behind The Sun
7-Bless Those

A 30 minutes set; cool performance.

No interview, just music.

Federico said...

Living Clour live
La Trastienda, Buenos Aires
November 14th 2009 (first show)

Set list

1-(Intro) Desperate People
2-Middle Man
3-Funny Vibe
4-Memories Can't Wait
5-Burned Bridges
6-Go Away
8-Young Man
9-Open Letter(To a Landlord)
10-Bi/Doug Wimbish solo
11-Will Calhoun solo
12-Ignorance is Bliss
13-Glamour Boys
14-Bless Those
15-In Bloom
16-Out of my Mind
17-Elvis is Dead/Hound Dog
19-Time's Up
20-Cult of Personality

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G concert

I think the highlight was Open Letter, incredible

solos were wonderful

they played Nirvana's In Bloom, great, totally unexpected

in the end Corey and Doug jumped into the audience

Federico said...

Living Colour live
La Trastienda, Buenos Aires
November 14th 2009 (second show)

Set list

1-(Intro)Time's Up
3-Which Way to America
4-Desperate People
6-Go Away
8-Young Man
9-Ignorance is Bliss
10-Will Calhoun solo
11-Bi/Doug Wimbish solo
12-Glamour Boys
13-Behind The Sun
14-Bless Those
15-Out of my Mind
16-Elvis is Dead/Can't Help Falling in Love
18-Cult of Personality
19-Love Rears It's Ugly Head
20-Should I Stay or Should I Go/What's Your Favorite Color

another two hours of set, another fantastic performance; the exact same energy and attitude

some changes in the set, cool

Ausländer is one of my favorites,Which Way to America sounded funkier and heavier than ever

Doug jumped to the floor during his solo and just play there, face to face, sorrounded by the people, everybody went nuts

Bless Those and Should/Favorite medley weren't listed, but they play them anyway, excelent

come back whenever you want Living Colour, I'll be there like always