Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Living Colour visits Aviano Air Force Base in Italy

After much logistical jockeying to accommodate a hectic Italian tour schedule, Will, Vernon, Corey, and Doug were joyfully able to both invite members of the Aviano Air base to their show in Pordenone, as well as visit the base the following day. It was an honor, privilege, and pleasure to meet these service persons and fans. Many thanks to the efforts of Michelle Mastrorocco and family as well as Amy Knight. Big shout-outs to Floyd, Aaron, and Vinny.

Happy Thanksgiving to All,
Living Colour

(Photo from Vincent Lagana


Anonymous said...

Great seeing you guys at the base ! You guys are simple and down to earth. Thanks for signing my "Pride" CD ! Grazie

Anonymous said...

you're perfectly right !! although they are wonderful band, they are simple and down to earth. not easy to find in music stars.
andrea, italian fan

Anonymous said...

Way to go guys!! Very honorable of you to take the time to see the service persons. USA representin' !!!

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