Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Will Calhoun @ Chelsea Art Museum

On Wednesday October 28th @ 7:00PM
Will Calhoun will host an
electronic/indigenous, multi-media concert performance
at the
Chelsea Art Museum
556 West 22nd Street
(212) 255-0719



Anonymous said...

what indigenous rythm playing Will Calhoun???...please dont tell stories white and mediocre calhoun!

change the drummer cause WIll Calhoun does not like playing with you guys...

be sincere white calhoun

Anonymous said...

Yes he does not play 6/8 for long time.. just LIER! He filled his mouth in the interview telling stories... he lived in Africa ha! HIM just lived in Australia like a coward he is just cause he stay touring around two week its not living in any place...and this is showing in your drumming h doesnt play a rythm very well is very dirty to his drumming...
and right now he stolen Ramiro Musotto Music sampled in his wave drum...logic Musotto pass away
He is pathetic man thinking that he is Mick Jagger around violent bodyguards with afraid of the women....

learn to be a man White Calhoun big gambler of women around the world....this you know very well it mean...literally

your furuture IS COMMING..the destiny is owner of all our life

Anonymous said...

the ball of noise...any technic any personality any feeling just lies to drumming and life style...just a ball of noise... you all will pay here in this life and more when you used things from the mother nature