Saturday, October 31, 2009

Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street - No Living Colour tonight

Unfortunately the logistics DID NOT WORK for the Northhampton show. I apologize to you & to ALL the area fans. LC will be in D.C.

Yo I'd like to thank everyone from the AP crew & beyonds who showed up for the Living Colour NY Highline show, which SOLD OUT. That's a greet feeling to have in your home town! I'm sad that we aren't doing the Northhampton Saul Williams show. bad planning & communication made the logistics of performing unworkable-we will be back in the area later on in The Chair In The Doorway touring cycle. LC will be w Saul in DC however, & we hope to see/feel AP in Full Effect tomorrow (Sunday) Peace!

- Vernon

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Anonymous said...

Will be great to have LC back in the North East in a few months.

I could not help but notice the NY show being filmed. Anyone know any details about new tour firm or something else?