Friday, October 16, 2009

Living Colour - Time's Up (live at Bar Opiniao)


karinaloca said...

Hey guys! Im Karin from Rolling Stone Argentina and I just interviewed Vernon on the phone. It was awesome, great vibes! Cant wait to see you here!

Danilo Fantinel said...

Hello guys!

We went to your show in Porto Alegre last Tuesday. It was amazing!

Please, take a look in our review (only in portuguese... I'm sorry...) and in the video interview we made with you in a bar after the show.

Chek it out in

Danilo Fantinel

Bruno Vargas said...

Yeaaaaah!!! I was there!!!
Thanks a lot for the show and the autographs after...
Talk with you it's something that I'll never forget!!!

Thanks Corey! Thanks Vernon! Thanks Doug! Thanks Will!


Inês said...

Hey Doug, Will, Corey and Vernon
Yeah, I was in Opiniao that nite
I saved in my heart the great moments that i had a time to talk a little with each of you after concert.
Thanks a lot for performing just for us! It was magic!
Please, come back to Porto Alegre again.
A lot of love for u all,guys!