Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Living Colour - Tupelo Music Hall setlist (Sept 8, 2009)

Middle Man
Desperate People
Funny Vibe
Memories Can't Wait
Open Letter To A Landlord
Bi (w/Doug Wimbish bass solo)
Elvis Is Dead
Glamour Boys


Burned Bridges
The Chair
Young Man
Behind The Sun
Bless Those
Hard Times
Taught Me
Out Of Mind

Will Calhoun Drum Solo

Not Tomorrow
Asshole (Corey mentioned this is a hidden track on the final song on the CD)

Time's Up
Cult Of Personality


Unknown said...

cp said...

I had tickets in the 4th row right on the center isle. I needed to be in NYC the next morning to support my friend who is running across the country and just couldn't get to the show. I called the box office around 8pm and asked them to hook someone up; just outright give them the tickets. Hope they got to someone deserving and I hope I made your day. Looks like I missed a hell of a show.