Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living Colour perform BEHIND THE SUN on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon


Anonymous said...

Love it! Works nicely stripped down to live conditions w/o all the overdubs! And you guys sure look good!
But whom is Corey aking to come home???

Anonymous said...

I believe that the song is about the Katrina victims that are still displaced, so I imagine he is requesting/hoping that those folks can come back home soon.

The Beach Blog said...

A grrrreat song!
If there is a 'heaven' up there, and Jimi H. arrived, he would DEFINITELY be smiling down on Vernon and Corey, bigtime!!!
Especially Vernon!! every chord he plays cuts the world a new ***hole!
They are carrying the torch, & continuing on, from the 'vicious sound and fury' I remember the late 60's for.
LC hasn't forgotten!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!
(signed, a 57 yo white guy in California)