Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Living Colour - November 2009 - Mexico, Chile, Argentina Tour dates

Nov 4 - Lunario - Mexico DF
Nov 6 - Teatro Teleton - Santiago, Chile
Nov 7 - Festival Pepsi Music - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 8 - Complejo Bloque - Neuquen, Argentina
Nov 9 - Ele Multiespacio - Comodoro Rivadavia
Nov 11 - Showcase Radio Show "Cual Es" FM Rock & Pop (95.9 MHZ)
Nov 12 - Willie Dixon - Rosario, Argentina
Nov 13 - La Trastienda - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 14 - La Trastienda - Buenos Aires, Argentina


LNR said...

Hi i wanna know if Living Colour its going to play live in Córdoba on 13 Nov on La Vieja UUsina because some information on medias says that so the info on La Trastienda will be wrong.

see this link:

A big hug and i hope Living Colour comes to Córdoba Capital.

Best Wishes from here.

Lepaca Kliffoth said...

Yeeaahhh!!! Living Colour in Mexico City!!!

Adrián Oktubre said...

and do not come to Uruguay? please!

Dany Di said...

Thanks for For coming again to Comodoro Rivadavia (Patagonia Argentine). In 2007 they were incredible and we enjoy much your music. We wait for them!! See you!