Monday, June 08, 2009

Wade in the Water - A Solidarity Jam featuring Corey Glover A fundraiser for NY2NO - One night only

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Wade in the Water - A Solidarity Jam featuring Living Colour's Corey Glover
A fundraiser for NY2NO - One night only

New York 2 New Orleans Coalition

Sunday, June 28, 2009

6:00pm - 10:00pm

Temple M
555 West 141st Street
New York, NY


Dear Friends,

The New York 2 New Orleans Coalition cordially invites you to attend

Wade in the Water - A Solidarity Jam featuring Living Colour's Corey Glover & other special guests!

Sunday June 28th, 2009
6pm - 10pm have some huge projects coming up this summer and really need your financial support and of course your solidarity. As you probably already know, we are proud to provide financial aid to all who may require it and believe that our projects will not be effective without the economic diversity of our participants. Here are some of the projects we have in the works for June, July and August:

Summer New Orleans Brigades: involves taking 300 young people from New York to New Orleans to work on recovery and learn about the struggles faced by survivors. The trips are focused on building solidarity between groups and learning about similarities in the inequalities in New Orleans and our own city. We will be working to construct community gardens in the Lower Ninth Ward and canvass the community to build stronger community involvement.

NO2NY trip: a group of young residents of New Orleans are planning a trip to New York City to reciprocate our efforts in New Orleans to New York, build further solidarity, and practice organizing for themselves. We hope that this trip will result in a powerful youth led organization to lead the recovery in New Orleans. We will be working directly doing direct action and organizing with organizations tackling action for food security and sustainability and environmental justice. We will be paring these organizations with other community-based organizations combating gentrification, as these are parallel struggles all over the United States. We believe that the NO2NY trip is essential for the productivity of the entire New Orleans Summer brigades as we hope to be following the leadership of the young people from New Orleans for the rest of the summer and the rest of our trips following until the Lower Ninth Ward is self-sustainable.

New York Trips: are an organizing tool to get the masses of unoccupied New York City youth to get involved in the struggles and solutions in their own communities. These trips focus on education on struggles in New York communities, communal living experience, working on action in the city for environmental, food, and social justice. We will be doing community outreach and urban farming.

NY2NO is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. They are a youth-led, consensus-based organization creating a network of young people interested in organizing and mobilizing across New York City. NY2NO works in solidarity with those most affected by the social, racial, and economic inequalities in both New York and New Orleans. Through this, the youth break down barriers and work together to combat racism and classism and move towards an egalitarian society.

Price: This fundraiser has a suggested minimum donation of $25, $15 for students and the un/under-employed. If you wish to support NY2NO but geography prevents you from being at the event, please consider making an online donation

In Solidarity,
New York 2 New Orleans Coalition

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