Monday, April 27, 2009

Cindy Blackman Group featuring Vernon Reid - Europe Tour May 2009

Cindy Blackman group featuring Vernon Reid, Aurelien Budynec & Steve Jenkins tour Europe May 2nd - May 23rd.

02.05. Berlin(D) @ Quasimodo
03.05. Braunau am Inn(A) @ Club2
04.05. Wien(A) @ Reigen
05.05. Graz(A) @ GeneralMusizDirektion
06.05. München(D) @ Hotel Bayerischer Hof - Tickets
07.05. Bern(CH) @ Dachstock Reithalle
08.05. off
09.05. Hengelo(NL) @ Metropool
10.05. Tilburg(NL) @ 013
11.05. Hannover(D) @ Jazz Club
12.05. San Sebastian(ESP) @ Doka
13.05. Santander(ESP) @ Sala Tropicana
14.05. Madrid(ESP) @ Sala Gruta 77
15.05. Las Palmas(ESP) Festival
16.05. Tenerifa(ESP)@ CICCA
17.05. off
18.05. Valladolid(ESP) @ Puerta Caeli
19.05. Caceres(ESP) @ Sala la Bola
20.05. Sevilla(ESP) @ Sala Q
21.05. Alicante(ESP) @ Sala Stereo
22.05. Terrassa(ESP) @ Faktoria d`Arts
23.05. Bilbao(ESP) @ Apolo Andorra

As always, please make sure to check with the local venues to confirm show dates and details!

Friday, April 17, 2009

An Amazing Myspace Story (Vernon Reid)

An Amazing Myspace Story - Vernon Reid
Friday, April 17, 2009

I had one of the best days of my life yesterday (Not as good as the day my daughter Idea Viola was born, but better than the day I got my Mac-Book Pro). This best-of-days is directly related to one of my worst, which was this past monday, April 13th.

I was supposed to start prep work for a guitar instructional video that I'm doing with Rock House. Plans were changed and I went to Manhattan instead to pay off a studio balance owed for a Masque session, & to return an item that I bought at the 14th street Guitar Center. After finishing business with the studio I made the Guitar Center exchange & made a stop in Williamsburg Brooklyn before returning home to North Shaolin aka St George Staten Island. I got out of my car, and realized to my HORROR that my wallet was gone. Vanished. Missing.

I raced back to Manhattan, my mind reeling-"Was I pick-pocketed? Did it fall out after I parked the car?! Did I lose it in the store?!! I called while I drove back & nobody saw anything! I went straight to the guitar counter & NO ONE saw it or tuned in anything. My heart sank. Feeling pretty much crushed I called Gabri (my wife) & told her what was up & she was great about it; all empathy & sympathy. She made the whole ordeal bearable. I drove home, terrified that I'd be pulled over without license, registration, or I.D. of any kind. She started, & I completed the process of canceling cards, contemplating spending time at the DMV and kicking myself over the whole mess.

On the 3rd day of this nightmare, I got messages from Gabri & Tim E (who set up my MySpace & Facebook sites) that there was a message from the person who FOUND MY WALLET!!!! I went to the mailbox & there he was- Darius Emmanuel Scheider -

The following is an excerpt of his letter to me-

hi vernon i'm a guitar player from Paris,just passin' through new york.

i found your wallet man and that just makes no sense but anyway i got it!

we've got to meet up man and i'll give you back what you own.

We met & had coffee yesterday in a little shop in the west village. It turns out that he's followed my career & was as astonished to find my wallet in Guitar Center, as I was in getting it back. The whole time that we spoke about meeting, I never asked him about the contents of the wallet, but as I walked out of the house, I threw a possible gift in the trunk of my car on the remote chance that the wallet was returned whole.

I got the wallet back complete with the $1.5K that was in it when it was lost & Darius has a new guitar -a greenburst Mojo Flame Parker-like this one+a Roland interface.

I learned a great lesson about mindfulness through this experience.

It's great when people really are at their best! I can't thank you enough Darius!

If it wasn't for MySpace, he never would have found me!

Have a great weekend,


Monday, April 06, 2009

Living Colour at Pinkpop Classic

Living Colour August Tour Dates (so far)

Aug 14 @ Patronaat - Haarlem, Netherlands
Aug 15 @ PinkPop Classic - Landgraaf, Netherlands