Sunday, October 26, 2008

Living Colour - "The Chair In The Doorway" (flickr group)
The Chair In The Doorway Flickr Group

A potential title for Living Colour's new album is "The Chair in the Doorway". The band would like fans, non-fans, and photographers of all levels to submit an original image conveying their interpretation of "The Chair in the Doorway".

"The new album will be called The Chair In The Doorway," Vernon revealed. "I did a press junket for CollideØscope with Corey and whenever something was going wrong Corey would always say the chair is in the doorway. It was just one of these things he would say and I looked at him and said 'you know that thing you always say that's going to be the title of our next album.' I don't know what that means but that's it. What I like about The Chair In The Doorway is that it is a concrete image and a very real thing but why is there a chair in the door way, what does it mean? It's completely abstract, while being a contract, physical manifestation of what it is."

All artwork must be submitted in a jpeg format.
You should incorporate the Living Colour logo, or your version of the logo in the artwork.
If your submission is selected you will also be required to sign a short agreement.
All submissions must be submitted by February 1, 2009.
You may submit as many different versions of the album cover as you like as long as the submitted artwork meet the following criteria

- Artwork can be hand drawn or created on the computer;
- The design must be 100% your work;

By submitting your artwork to Living Colour, entrants hereby represent and warrant that all artwork and images included in the artwork are wholly original and that no image or artwork has been copied from any other source or otherwise violate any third party rights. Living Colour, its individual members, affiliates, licensees and assigns will not be responsible or held liable for any images or artwork which are included in any submitted materials which have been copied from any other source.

The creator of the selected artwork agrees to license the design to Living Colour on an exclusive basis. The creator of the selected artwork acknowledge that Living Colour may commercially release or otherwise exploit the artwork in any manner it deems fit, now or hereinafter invented, throughout the world, and that creator of the artwork shall not be entitled to any payment of any kind as a result of such use or other exploitation.


Anonymous said...

My idea for 'Chair in the Doorway'.

Inside a church. A priest, from behind, looking out into a war-devastated city. Behind him, inside the church, cowering children. Outside, in the doorway, swinging from a tangled parachute's ropes, a fighter jet's ejector seat, with the dead pilot still strapped to the chair. You can't see his face because of the anonymity afforded by the helmet. I can't be bothered to draw/ Photoshop all of that...but there's the idea :)

Anonymous said...

hi my name is Alex im 11 years old i would like to say that your songs actualy mean somthing like type nothingness and cult of personality im a huge fan it might seem wierd that i actualy know you guys but i do yu guys are amazing my idea for chair in the doorway is opening a door to a new beggining a place to rest a place to hold on too please feel free to contact me for any reason thankyou!