Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Living Colour - Cbgb Omfug Masters: August 19, 2005 The Bowery Collection - LIVE CD

Release date : October 28, 2008

Living Colour recorded live at a benefit for CBGBs at the famed NYC institution on August 19th, 2005. Their original mix of rock, funk, punk and even reggae made Living Colour a household name. They still bring the magic and this live recording proves it. Anchored by Corey Glover on vocals and Vernon Reid on guitar, this CD spans their career and includes the hits "Glamour Boys" and "Cult of Personality," as well as timely songs like "Open Letter to a Landlord," "Terrorism" and "Sacred Ground." This is a pristine live recording, direct from the soundboard.

Track Listing/Features:

* Type
* Middle Man
* Funny Vibe
* In Your Name
* Sacred Ground
* Open Letter to a Landlord
* Terrorism
* Glamour Boys
* Ignorance is Bliss
* Love Rears Its Ugly Head
* Times Up
* Cult of Personality

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