Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did you purchase a Vernon Reid guitar pick from any recent tour?

I want to reach out to all the folks who have purchased "Signed & Numbered Picks" from me over the last couple of years of Living Colour & Masque tours- I set up a special mail address -

What I want is for fans to send in pics of the picks so that I can keep track of the numbers and the emails of the owners-most of the people who wrote their email addresses in the logs after the shows are unreadable and I want to keep track and be able to get stuff out to people who win things.

You won't be added to mass e lists, all communication will be numbered pick related and that I'll only ask for a mailing address when necessary from individuals...

Here's what we have so far, please keep 'em coming in. We've sold numbered/autographed picks at Masque shows as well as Living Colour's Collideoscope tour and subsequent tours as well. Again, please send a photo of the pic and number, your name, and email address to :

Andrew Cumberland LC in The West #3 & 8 BLU #2
Simon Castellan LC Euro tour `04 Paris #34
Manel Romero LC Euro tour `04 #25
Greg Koenig LC Eye's Wide Open `03 #40
Mickey Thompson LC In The West `03 #24
Spacey Fior LC In The West `03 #1
Kerstin Baramsky FFFF #5 & # 10
Joe Nicoll LC Eye's Wide Open `03 #24


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Anonymous said...

Cool site. I've alway been wondering, in the glanour boys music video (great song), what type of guitar is Vernon playing? It looks awesome and I cant find it anywhere!