Tuesday, September 04, 2007

8/24/07 - Living Colour Willie Dixon(Rosario) setlist


Living Colour live in Argentina
Willie Dixon(Rosario)
Sunday,August 26th,2007

NOTE: I Can't confirm if they played the songs in this order or if the setlist it's complete.I WASN'T THERE)

1-Middle Man
3-(Doug Wimbish intro)Wall
4-Funny Vibe
5-Open Letter(To a Lanlord)
6-(Vernon Reid intro)Memories Can't Wait
7-Papa was a Rolling Stone
8-Glamour Boys
9-Go Away
10-Bless Those
11-Elvis is dead
12-Love Rears It's Ugly Head
13-Time's Up
14-Cult of personality
15-Should I Stay Or should I Go
16-What's your favorite color ?

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Anonymous said...

Que tal amigo???, soy el galle de quilmes Bs As. Argentina, me volví loco con tu flog!!!, impresionante, me gustaría hablár más con vos de los colors, pasate por mi flog!!.
Un abrazo.