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Living Colour - The Roxy - Aug 24th 2007 - review

I have attended all Living Colour presentations since 93, when their third album has just arrived, and I can tell you that like happened to wines, they keep getting better through time. I have recently watched their DVD Live at Soul Cafe in Philly, so I expected a quiet, more like jazzy set versions...Thank god I was totally wrong!!

First the place, I never been at the Roxy before, it’s like an old theater that looked small but allowed almost 1500 people in. I was with my friend Owal; we share more or less the same musical interests, and see the music in the same way.

I had to queue for about an hour before doors were opened, and people outside looked in the age range from 25-45, some girlfriends looking with faces like "'I don’t know who they are, what am I doing here...". My VIP ticket I was at the first floor, where the VIP section was, and I was in the left side, near Vernon and his 25 pedals, effects and MAC, From my spot I can easily see all the band, and I assume I’m getting older, I couldn’t stand the 3 hour mosh I was watching in the main floor. The place was packed, ACDC sounded as intro played by sound techs.

Allow me a small digression. about tech gadgets. I wanted to record the show with my mp3 player, but I was smart enough not to empty it before going to the place, so I had to improvise with my cell phone, taking a few low quality pics, getting a few low quality videos and catching a few low quality audios, consisting in 50% static, 30% crowd roaring, and 20% band. While I was doing this I regretted several times not erasing the players file. Furthermore Owal had his Minidisk broken, so we are now searching for vids in You Tube and someone in forums who could have record this show...

Ok...let’s move on, thanx for the LC page on the set list I will start the show review with the main points alternating songs from the set list:

The band entered, Corey sporting a black racing jacket, they started with 1-Should I Stay Or Should I Go, people went nuts, the sound was far beyond expectations, and the crowd sang with Corey and banged onto each other during chorus. To me from the place I was watching, it was like seeing a soup of noodle people jumping and bumping while LC music boiled the water.

Then without stopping 2-Type/Police & Thieves came followed by 3-Middle Man and my personal favorite number one 4-Funny Vibe. I could see joy in people’s faces, and the band was feeling it as well. I believe they like the fact people reproduce each chorus and guitar parts, and you could read many lips following Mr. Glovers performing, singing.

5-(Doug Wimbish intro) Wall
6-Sacred Ground/Jam
7-(Vernon Reid intro) Memories Can't Wait
8-Papa Was a Rolling Stone
9-Glamour Boys
10-Go Away Another personal favorite, Owal told me his technique in this song is called "Popping" and "Plucking" but it hasn’t got a definite name. It should be named FQF "Freaking Quick Fingering".
11-Bless Those was a really funky song, I am glad Doug was singing, he knows how to. Let’s hope he tries in some song in next album.
12-Ignorance is Bliss
13-Flying/Crazy/Jam This was other emotional moment. That song is really meant to reach everybody’s hearts, even from those that didn’t understand the language.
14-Jam (Vernon Reid y Will Calhoun) I remember Vernon playing with his solo band in La trastienda a couple of years ago. At that time he was with someone who provided the effects. Now he was doing its own thing in the laptop, setting the scene for Wills 15-Drum Solo One of the top moments from the show, Will played insanely. It was like he grew a pair of extra arms, and funk his way during a 10 minute performance, with moments of hi tech effects and plain and pure Drums.
16-Love Rears its Ugly Head I really dig Vernon playing the small extract from the wedding march. I told him Happy Birthday in one of the silences, but I don´t believe he heard me. My intention was make the crowd sing that, but I didn´t insist.
17-Time's Up
18-Cult of Personality Honorable mention to crowd chorus here, they sang the song, the chorus the guitar part, and gave some love to Corey when he stood up near the front row. In 1993, people didn’t allow him to come back; this time...they behave nicely.


I don’t know if they had prepared 19-Elvis is Dead/Hound Dog as a replay, but when they re-appeared people start shouting ELVIS IS DEAD in a way that Will provide some drums and it was like being in a Disco, dancing. Rest of the band danced as well. And they provide a really out of the chain version of Elvis is Dead finishing this bold set with 20-Should I Stay or Should I go for a second time.

Bless you LC, you are the greatest Rock Band, you made my life better with that show. It took me an hour to go to sleep; adrenalin was filling me back home.

Hope you play here another time, with new record, and I wish the Obras DVD from 2004 is out soon. Record labels, companies and every one of you that profit with bands COME ON, FANS NEED THAT KIND OF MATERIAL.


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Anonymous said...

Living Colour live in Argentina

The Roxy Club(Buenos Aires)

Monday,August 27th,2007


1-Desperate People
2-(Doug Wimbish intro) Wall
3-Middle Man
4-Type/Police and Thieves
5-Funny Vibe
6-Open Letter(To a Landlord)
7-(Vernon Reid intro) Memories Can't Wait
8-Papa Was a Rolling Stone
9-Glamour Boys
10-Go Away
11-Bless Those
13-Elvis Is Dead/Unchained Melody
15-Drum Solo
16-Love Rears It's Ugly Head
17-Time's Up
18-Cult Of Personality
19-Sunshine Of Your Love

Another amazing show in front of 1500 Argentinian fans.
Over two hours of set.

Corey Glover was brillant.I think the whole band is now playing better than ever.

Before "Go Away" Vernon Reid said to the audience:"Thanks for your support all over the years,we appreciate it".The band came to Buenos Aires since 1993.

There were fantastic versions:"Open Letter(To a Lanlord)"(FANTASTIC)
"Bless Those"(I really like that one)
"Elvis Is Dead"(During this song Corey Glover sung a part of "Unchained Melody")
"Flying"(Superb;Corey sung Seal's "Crazy",just like last friday.Wimbish bass solo is out of this world).
"Sunshine Of Your Love"(Unbelievable,trust me. Vernon's guitar solos for this song were fantastic).

A great show.A great band.