Saturday, July 21, 2007

Living Colour - setlist Waerdse Tempel (Heerhugowaard, NL) July 20

(thanks Rene!)
Middle Man
Funny Vibe
Doug's electronics into Walls
Sacred Ground
Vernon's blues into Memories
Papa Was a rolling Stone
Glamour Boys (Corey ending with an inside joke for the band)
Go Away
Bless Those
Drum solo
Love Rears Its Ugly Head
Time's Up
Cult of Personality
Power of Soul with lines of What's Your Favourite Colour

The show was attended by an eight-year old boy, who was offered an excellent place on stage by Dennis - cool! The band had an extended foto shoot with this boy after the show.

The band dedicated Flying to a friend whose name I couldn't figure out-sorry for that. Corey did lines like "I need music over my head" and "bring me to the river/wash me in the water" if I figured out correctly. Don't know whether these lines are from lyrics. At least the latter sound religious.


Anonymous said...

Great show, first time live I saw them and I was blown away. One of my greatest concert experiences. Metal/reggae/soul/jazz/avante-garde, LC fired everything to the crowd. Ears are still ringing, because I stood near Vernon's amp. Loved the new song "Bless Those" a lot. Will be looking forward to the new album.

The wall between us all must fall!

Unknown said...

The inside joke can be heard on