Sunday, July 08, 2007

Living Colour @ Lent Festival setlist/review (thanks SLOfan)

The show was great!

I also thought that Elvis is dead with Maceo is a sure thing, but I was wrong L

Here's the set list.

Memories Can't Wait
Middle Man
Funny Vibe
In Your Name
Sacred Ground
Open Letter ...
Glamour Boys (with Corey ending with 'I'm much too old to keep up with fashion these days')
Go Away
Bless Those
Ignorance Is Bliss
Love Rears
Time's up

The list had the Cult Of Personality and Tomorrow never knows as encores, but the band didn't go of stage but went straight into COP, the show was running a bit late, and then went of stage, only to return and surprise with extended What's your favorite color jam.

Guys were having a lot of fun, but must have been running out of ‘steam’. Probably from jetlag. Will flew in just hours before the show.

The show was recorded from the first row by a photo camera, so you can expect some close shots but distorted sound, since V was loud as always J

I'm catching their show in Bluesiana (Austria) on 11th and I'm hopping they will have their live DVD as I would really like to get my hands on a signed copy.

Play it loud!


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