Monday, July 16, 2007

Living Colour @ Jazz Club - London Setlist

Well it turns out that the place was packed wall to wall after all, which is good because it means they will be back.

It was a great gig, some of the audience was a little tired, including me as I was a bid ill, so there was not the normal Moshing I have seen at all the London gigs.

The Setlist was :

Middle Man
Funny Vibe
Memories Can't Wait
Sacred Ground
Glamour Boys
Go away
Bless those (a new song by Doug and a very good song Doug said it will
be on the new album)
Ignorance is Bliss
A drum solo (there was naturally more then one drum solo and a base
solo and a guitar solo in there somewhere)

On core
Love Rears its ugly head
a Jam and then
Times Up

(thanks Darren)

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Anonymous said...

You missed out Sacred Ground.