Friday, July 20, 2007

Living Colour - 6 questions - Thanks Fanch!

Thanks to Fanch !

1 – Last year, « The Very Best Of » was out, and lots of people discovered the band and your music. Was it your your main wish ?

Will Calhoun : Yes

2 – You will in Europe and in France in July at "Le New Morning". Will we have some new songs on stage, or some new mixes of your old songs ?

WC - A combination of both new and old.

3 – A the beginning, you were the first band playing some Rock Fusion. Did you consider that you really invented and created a style of rock music ?

WC - No...we were not the first, if you listen to Hendrix, the Isley Brothers, Parliment Funkadelic, the Chambers Brothers, and many more, you will realize we were not the first. Living Colour is influenced by Hip-Hop, Hard Rock, Dub, drum-n-bass and many other forms of electronic music, Afro-Cuban/Latin music- the Blues, Jazz, Harmolodic Jazz, etc. Our style is heavily influenced by the African American Pioneers who created the music for the World- and the music we grew up listening to in our daily lives.

4 – What about "The Black Rock Coalition" ? Could you explain us the role of the association, and your partnership with them ? YOU SHOULD LET VERNON REID ANSWER THIS QUESTION SINCE HE IS ONE OF THE FOUNDING MEMBERS.

5 – Now, LIVING COLOUR is back. So, what about your own and solo project now Is it stopped ?

WC - No we are always working on can or for my updates. When Living Colour releases a new product the new project will be our main focus, and our side projects will take a back seat.

6 – At last, when will you record a brand new album, and when will it be out, please ?

We began full time writing/working on new music in Aug. 2007. We started on a few ideas during the Spring. We are not certain when the product will be released and how, the music industry has changed; we are looking into the best possibilities to get our music to people.

Thanks them for me. have a nice day. Take care.


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