Friday, April 20, 2007

‘Superstar’ to light up stage

"...Though Glover, 42, has acted since he was a teenager, filming commercials and performing in children’s theater, he is probably better known as lead singer for the hard-rock group Living Colour. The group earned Grammys for Best Hard Rock Performance of 1989 (“Cult of Personality”) and 1990 (“Time’s Up”).

Glover also starred as Private Francis in “Platoon” (1986) and as Ty in “Reunion” (2001), as well as Peter on the 2001 TV series “Signs of Life.” Glover, who lives in New York City, said in a telephone interview he would return to work with Living Colour on its new album, “The Chair in the Doorway,” when “Jesus Christ Superstar” ends its tour in June.

While Glover is touring with “Jesus Christ Superstar,” Glover said other band members “make their own music individually. Some work individually writing and producing music.”..."

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