Friday, February 02, 2007

Vernon from Vienna on myspace blog

First of all I have to shout out Slavisha & Marleen for coming out to Regein tonight which is gig one of Masque's euro run... We had a lively chat about guitars, technology, and our current "War Without End". Slavisha and is a myspace friend and Marleen is his lady... They make a great couple... The band sounded great for a first tour show. we added an alt rock classic to the setlist; a version of Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine. The best part is that the friend who turned me on that incredible album Loveless was there; the guitarist, sound-designer, composer, and emerging novelist Jimmy Lee! Also we had an extraordinary guest artist join us on stage; Thereminist Pamelia Kurstin, who's a friend of Masque's keyboard and Samchillian mad scientist Leon Gruenbaum, sat in on National Anthem and a groovy Sci-Fi dub version of Flatbush & Church. She is haunting, lyrical, and awesome-check her out here-

On a sour note, Leon's laptop was stolen out of his hotel room the night before the show! Horrible. We suspect an inside job. The police came and left, with little hope of catching the crook before we leave tomorrow for Worgl Austria. Fortunately, I just happened to have brought my second laptop, which has the software Leon uses on the gig (Live, Reason). It sucks that this happened and I hope that the creep that did this to Leon gets caught. And Soon. If you get to any of the Masque shows step up and say hello!

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