Saturday, January 13, 2007

There never really was a rivalry between Living Colour and the Spyz

Feb 26, 2006 - Dennis Diamond chimes in to debunk the 24/7 Spyz vs LC rivalry.

"There never really was a rivalry between LC and the Spyz.

That started when there was a show at the Ritz (now Webster Hall in NYC) that Living Colour headlined. The Spyz were originally slated to be on the bill (which was on a Saturday). However, the Spyz had another gig earlier that week (Wednesday) at the same venue, and the Ritz' management chose to bump them (I think Vivid was a month away from release, or came out that month (April 1, 1988, if you're wondering...);LC didn't have that kind of clout to do that, and they wouldn't if they did. Folks may have had a problem with the blow-up dolls, but that wasn't the reason).

Then, in Thrasher magazine, in an interview with the Spyz, it was stated "we don't like them", referring to LC. No reason was given specifically (I still have the mag; gotta dig it up), which would give the impression of some sort of beef. I remember everyone was bummed about it, cause no one knew where that came from.

A few months later, in San Francisco, both bands happened to be in the same town at the same time. The Spyz had come by soundcheck (I think it was at The Stone), and whatever misunderstandings there were, they were addressed and all was cool.

If you really think about it, there were no bands from the '80's era BRC that did extensive touring with LC (except for Sinister Dane; they did about 6-10 dates). A lot have had opportunity for a few here and there, but not a full tour.

Now you know the whole story!"

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dazmando said...

Some Members of the Spyz where at the First Living Colour come back gig in London in 2001 at the Forum. I know I spoke to them.