Friday, November 24, 2006

small note from Vernon Reid

I'm heading to New Orleans to record the next James Blood Ulmer Blues project record and I'm a bit challenged about the direction that it goes in...I'm going to be playing in an impromptu radio tribute to Hendrix VERY EARLY this coming Saturday on WKCR 89.9 fm (the same station that we did the live Masque broadcast)...I've been up all night working on some animation/video art stuff for Artificial Africa and some music too...There's a band/sound-system called British Intelligence that is a current fav...go check out their Myspace and get their free downloadable mix-tape...


Anonymous said...

All good to know, but whatever happened to the live Living Colour dvd and when might we see another LC album?

Tomaas said...

James Blood Ulmer "Jazz Is The Teacher - Funk Is The Preacher"
What great opportunity!