Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rock opera ‘Superstar’ boasts a super cast

"...If anyone can be said to own a role, it’s Neeley. Yet his first appearance was subdued and colorless, especially compared to what has come before: Corey Glover as Judas Iscariot, performing “Heaven on their Mind.” A member of the Grammy Award-winning band Living Colour, Glover owned the stage from the start, his charisma shimmering over the audience, and it never let up.

A musical interpretation of the last week in Christ’s life, the Stranahan production of Jesus Christ Superstar started out seeming to be Glover’s show, not Neeley’s, but the latter hasn’t played the role more than 2,000 times without learning how to handle an audience. Glover’s power burst out on the opening number. Neeley’s power slowly grew until the actors’ ultimate confrontation becomes a stunning piece of theater..."

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