Sunday, September 24, 2006

Living Colour : Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun and Muzz Skillings perform

(taken from Vernon's myspace blog, click title/link)

Last night something truly extraordinary happened; for the 1st time in 17 years, Living Colour played with Muzz Skillings on bass. The occasion was a private party the iconic master drummer/mentor-musician Jack DeJohnette threw for his lovely wife Lydia. Doug was unable to come back from London for the event, and an unusual opportunity presented itself. Doug, Will, and Corey were all supportive of my intention to ask Muzz to perform with us again. Muzz, to my pleasant surprise said yes! His departure from the band was painful and not without a certain amount of acrimony. As we've seen each other over the years a gradual softening of attitudes has occured, leading to this possibility. I'm very thankful that Doug (Wimbish) completely understood and encouraged this; all too often that the healing of hurtful rifts between friends and family isn't possible; the past keeps us locked in place, looping unchangeable events with predictable results.

We played Middle Man, Cult Of Pesonality, and other songs from Living Colour's first 2 records, Vivid and Times Up. It was great; unforced and unsentimental-no Oprahesque crying-on-cue-for-camera moments. Just funky rough-house Rock and Roll. Everyone had fun. Jack and Lydia were both very happy (as were Minya and Farah, their lovely daughters). One gig can't heal everything, but it can go a long way...



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Anonymous said...

Very cool. It's good to see friends come together and let go of past problems. Rock on LC!