Tuesday, August 15, 2006

note from Vernon Reid and Living Colour "special edition"

We're in Budapest, Hungary and so far it's been great. I have renewed respect for both Doug Pinnick and Corey Glover... Doug is awesome with a lean feral presence and power with a very different take on the songs. We also do King's X's Looking For Love. Having said that I do miss Corey. These are his songs...We don't do Glamour Boys or Landlord. No Point. Doug's take on Love Rears is fresh though! Corey's passion and power in the LC context is not replaceable. But that was never the point of this. It was at Corey's suggestion that we looked for someone to fill in for these conflict shows and it was my idea to ask Doug Pinnick. King's X is arguably the best band we ever toured wit, and Doug Pinnick is an incredible vocalist and bassist. It's honor to share the stage with him.....All in All a great experience Doug's take's on Go Away and Ignorance Is Bliss rival Corey's in their power. The fans have been wonderful as well. All the shows have been fun. We had an outrageous show in Amsterdam at the Paradiso! Looking forward to this show today at the Sziget fest on the same as Iggy Pop and Prodigy....!

Love, Peace, and Release,



qvacuum said...

I went to see the Living Colour gig at Sziget yesterday and I was looking forward to seeing this marvelous band once again. But I have to say that the first tunes felt like a cold shower. What I really admire about you guys is not just the incredible musical craft you have but also the feeling of unity your performance provides. Although the concert was technically perfect, the lack of Corey Glover was being dramatically felt. Of course, there is no other Glover, but the guy from King's X, despite I am sure that he did the best and it is indeed an extremely hard task to subsitute Glover, just did not fit there. I still highly appreciate your work guys, but I pray for Glover to rejoin as soon as possible. I have seen your show some years ago in Bratislava and it left a strong trace inside of me, and I hope it will outlive the one which remained after yesterday. peace and respect

Anonymous said...

A friend and I travelled from london to Amsterdam to see the Paradiso show after having EVERYTHING cancelled coz terrorists started some bad business in London. We got to paradiso for your gig, and I've gotta say vernon, especially after having seen you 10+ times in LC and masque, etc (even at the Barbican a few weeks ago with melvin Gibbs) this was the most memorable and almost most exciting!
You guys played like MOFO's, like I have seen rarely before but it was so powerful as YOU had to raise your game, and you showed it is your band! man, an amazingly memorable and exciting eve! please come to london again soon and give a shout to Kolya and Shez...we'll be there and raise the house for you after that great gig! Peace and respect.

Anonymous said...

I saw the show in Dortmund on sunday and I was amazed. Of course Dug´s vocals are different from Corey´s and you can hear that especially on the mellower tunes like "flying" while the rocking ones do quite good. But Dug spreads a very warm and hearty atmosphere which I cannot say of all regular LC shows I have seen. In fact I sometimes had the impression of some tension going on, especially at the Leverkusen Jazztage in 2004 (the one with the stripper...) Last Sunday I really enjoyed seeing you guys joking around and apparently having a good time. And Will´s solo spots were absolutely amazing! I am really thankful for you guys being around once in a while to reassure me what a great live performance should be like!

P In The Hole said...

As a big King's X / dUg Pinnick fan, i had been looking for a recording of one of these shows for a long time. I think i even posted a comment on here in the hope that some Colour-ful character might come up with something. Anyhow, rambling introduction over, here's a link to the Sziget show:


Check it out and decide for yourself. Anyone looking for rare KX-related stuff can drop me a line.

Paul in the 'Hole
Bradford UK