Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Message from Doug Pinnick courtesy of Kings X Online board

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So far things are getting better for me, yeah I was a bit nervouse, LOL! (panic attacks!) actually..LOL! the first show was a warm up in Berlin, I did my best, it was OK I guess, in Dresden germany was a bit difficult, I havent fronted an band since I was 19..LOL! and its hard to work a crowd when they dont speak english, LOL! Amsterdam? I had a blast!! I felt more comfy there and I knew the words better, its hard to own someone elses words, but hey! I am up for the challenge, Zoetermeer,I realy felt almost totally comfortable...we drove all night and all day to Budapest to tomorrows show at a festival with Iggy Pop and Prodegy... the rock goes on, and this has been a wonderful experience for me so far,.. I stopped smokng weed for this tour and after years of smoking my voice is gettng back to normal, the way it was before i started smoking in 1987..( I still eat brownies thoug LOL!) .I never realized how much smoking fucks your voice...I am so glad I got this gig and was I stopped, singing is fun again and the passion is returning..I love doing one r the other (bass or vocals) and I this has helped me to concentrate on singing, this has been so
good for me! thank you LC!!!! yeah bootlegs?! the soundman is recording all the shows, we plan on putting them up for download (at least thats what Will said.. so you guys will get to hear something..I now I will have them all and you know me, I cant keep nothing to myself, LOL! .thanks for your love and support...may the goove be with you....dUg. ps, for give my bad spelling....

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