Sunday, August 13, 2006

Living Colour Paradiso setlist

thanks rene!!

Middle Man
Memories Can't Wait
Funny Vibe (hooked with fuzzy guitar sound :-)
Go Away
Looking for Love (King's X)
Flying (Doug W. "singing"/"talking" through his bass)
Sacred Ground
Leave it Alone
Ignorance is Bliss
Will's Solo
Love Rears it's Ugly Head (dedicated to Vernon's family & Corey)
Cult of Personality
Time's Up
Either Way (?? New song from Doug)
note - it's called Bless Those

Doug P. had a tough start - firstly he (accidentally?!) broke the mic-stand, next during Middle man, his mic got disconnected :-( During the show, he grew. Although Doug had to check lyrics from time-to-time, he had the exposure of a front man and I got the impression he was enjoying the show very much. It was good to see the support of the other band members. But with Corey's absence, the threesome had even more space for excellent improvisations and solos :-)

Peace, René

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Anonymous said...

He didn't really break his microphone stand: the mic wasn't high enough so he tried to extend the stand a bit, but it was already at it's highest, so the uper part of the stand slid out. Doug W. broke out in laughter...