Thursday, July 20, 2006

Note from Vernon Reid

we recieved an email from Vernon Reid and he gave us this tidbit of info regarding the upcoming European August 2006 tour w/ Doug Pinnick and reminded us that Corey Glover has a dual career...

"...As far as LC with Dug...It's a weird situation to be in but 2 things up front should be made clear:

1) This is ONLY the result of a dual career scheduling it dueling contracts... And Jesus Christ Superstar won!

2) Corey is THE lead singer of LC

3) Dug's coming through is an example of the kind of unity that used to exist between bands before we all became egotistical insurgent militias....He's gonna be great.

4) There will be a new record next year..."


Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that w/ all the stuff about LC and their side projects, You have NOT listed any of Corey's Jesus Christ Superstar Dates on this site. Curious?

Anonymous said...

see june 5th entry