Thursday, May 18, 2006

May 18th recap (thanks rhys)

Another great gig more of Stain songs highlighted tonight which was
cool. Even Toto were side of stage during the encore, Lukather was
totally marking out next to Vernon Reid's laptop table at the end of

Songs played in no paticular order (again !!) -

times up
love rears
type - super fast and HEAVY
This is the life - lyrics over the end of Tommorrow Never Knows jam

Go Away
Ignorance is Bliss - third song of night
Wall - second song of night

Back In Black - OPENER !!!! Aussies went sick, so did Corey
In Your Name
Sacred Ground - done with trip hop loop tonight
Tommorrow Never Knows - last song of night, big 30 minute jam to end
with didgeredoo, Vernon shredding solo with Steve Lukather
worshipping from side of stage, mad Doug upright solo with tasty
whammy pedal and delay usage, Corey jamming This is the Life lyrics
over the top of soundscape

Cult of Personality
Funny Vibe
Memories Can't Wait
Middle Man - start of encore

Pretty sure that covers everything played. I still can't believe i
was lucky enough to see two nights of Living Colour live in my town
in pretty intimate setting.

Inspirational in every way

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