Friday, December 16, 2005

Tonight and Tomorrow - Living Colour Philadelphia and New York!

Fri 12/16/05 Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live - World Cafe tix
Sat 12/17/05 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza - TicketMaster

Danielia Cotton is the opening act!


Anonymous said...

I saw them at CBGB and they fucking sucked. Vernon's solo shit still rocks, though.

me said...

yeah, real shit. you're probably a big limp bizkit fan huh...your opinion is all you but fuck off anyways. lc is above your comprehension little one.

Retro Peel said...

I saw the Philly show, and it freaking rocked. Was that Corey's kid he walked around on his shoulder? Wish we could have gotten one full cover though. Crosstown, Midnight Lamp, Back in Black, Love and Happiness. Any cover woulda been sweet. At least they jammed a tad on a 'Police & Thieves' breakdown. Great show! Not sure if the Danielia Cotton and LC crowds meshed so well. Wish a mosh pit (or at least some crowd energy) broke out. The new material was just as good, if not better, than the classics. All in all, great show! First live LC experience was worth the wait!

Cranberry said...

the cbgb's show rocked hard. me ears are still ringing from that show. the phillt show was sold out and that world cafe is amazing! grat sound, loooooong setlist, impressed that they threw in desperate people and auslander and wall! i'll admit though that will's solo at the end might've been too long but they brought the crowd back w/ times up