Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Official Living Colour myspace link

Living Colour finally has an official site located @ WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LIVINGCOLOURMUSIC

The "un-official" myspace site is still in effect as well :

seems was made first

Living Colour @ Toad's Place - 1/07/06 (reminder)

Saturday, 01/07/06 - Toad's Place, New Haven, CT -

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Will Calhoun @ Blue Note, NYC Jan 26-29 2006

January 26th-29th, 2006

Will Calhoun's "Native Lands" performances at the Blue Note in NYC


Will Calhoun: Drums, Loops, Ambient Percussion
Greg Osby: Saxophones
Orrin Evans: Piano, Keyboards
Corey Wilkes: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Mark Kelly: Bass

Blue Note
131 W 3rd St. NYC

Visit the Blue Note Web site or call the box office at 212-475-8592 for show times and additional details.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Philadelphia - World Cafe setlist

Living Colour played to a sold out World Cafe LIVE crowd in Philadelphia. Here's what we remember :

Memories Can't Wait
Desperate People
Type (police and theives)
[the rest of the order escapes me]
middle man
funny vibe
in your name
sacred ground
open letter
glamour boys (corey brought his kid up on stage and sang w/ him)
go away
either way (bless those)
ignorance is bliss
drum solo
times up
cult of personality

love rears
tomorrow never knows-nova

Back to the '80s with Living Colour

Back to the '80s with Living Colour
By Rob Watson
Inquirer Staff Writer

World Cafe Live concertgoers took in a few chapters of black rock history Friday night. For the packed house, a mix of young and old, folkish and funky, it was a real page-turner. The belt-it-out soul grind of newcomer Danielia Cotton gave way to three hours of amazing musical dexterity from the recently regrouped Living Colour.

The buzz surrounding Cotton, from Hopewell, N.J., is already pretty high, and for good reason. Her album, Small White Town, is full of honkytonk rock/soul that's part Tina Turner, part Melissa Etheridge.

The stunning Cotton, backed by three-piece band the Pistoleros, tore through album tracks "Pride" and "It's Only Life" before bringing down the house with the suddenly ironic "Back in Black" by AC/DC.

Living Colour's marathon session (more than 14 songs) wore everyone out.

The rock foursome - whose late-'80s hit, "Cult of Personality," seems to ring more true as time passes - kept eyes and ears popping as it ripped pages from its back catalog.

Opening with "Memories Can't Wait," off the first album, Vivid, vocalist Corey Glover, stand-out guitar player Vernon Reid, bassist Doug Wimbish, and drummer Will Calhoun reminded everyone of their considerable talents.

Glover's voice sounded as soulful as it did years ago, losing none of the emotional commitment required for such rock ballads as "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" and "Time's Up," one of the many politically charged tracks that have stood the test of time.

Reid's playing is a must-see, and even then you'll blink and miss about six or seven notes. Wimbish's and Calhoun's solos dabbled in electronic wizardry, with the bassist leading the band through the new backwoods soul track, "Either Way."
Contact staff writer Rob Watson at 215-854-5608 or

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Living Colour - Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA - setlist

Memories Can't Wait
Desperate People
Middle Man
Funny Vibe
In Your Name
Sacred Ground
Glamour Boys
Go Away
Either Way
Drum Solo
Times Up

Love Rears
Crosstown Traffic

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CORPORATE ROCK - Living Colour and other troubled investments

Living Colour and other troubled investments

By J.R. Taylor

It is wiser to pledge loyalty to, say, the products of RJR Nabisco than any kind of rock act. It doesn’t matter who’s running Nabisco. The frontman could be James M. Kilts, Ross Johnson or Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Fans of Nabisco can still trust that the company remains dedicated to bringing the consumer a constant supply of tasty cookies, quality cigarettes and other fine consumer goods.

In contrast, rock bands only build up equity to tear themselves apart.
Living Colour is a good example. Their first album, Vivid, was a fine initial offering back in 1988. Corey Glover was a dynamic and soulful vocalist in a field dominated by whiny art students. “Middle Man” and “Cult of Personality” were shameless hard rock with an intellectual veneer, while the band’s sheer musicianship provided their lesser songs with innovative underpinnings.

And while it was absurd to treat the band as a gimmick, the music press kept pretending like it was a big deal for a bunch of black guys to be performing rock music.

And yet Living Colour couldn’t move units after the initial hype. Their 1990 album Time’s Up was a boneheaded attempt to be an unthinking man’s Public Enemy. It was smart to target the idiocy of the college-rock market, but the melodies were as dopey and shrill as the politics. By this point, Living Colour had also established a reputation for outsized egos and petty infighting.

If somebody had been running Living Colour like a business, there would’ve been an intervention by stockholders, or maybe a purging, or some uprising to get the members to acknowledge impending disaster. Warners seemed content to have a catalogue item like Vivid. The label kept the band limping along with the Biscuits EP, which mainly highlighted the splintering band’s weaknesses—although the rhythm section of drummer Will Calhoun and Muzzy Skillings seemed grateful for the chance to show off their skills to prospective new employers.

There are, of course, times when music fans would benefit from rancor. It’s been sad to see REM staying together for the sake of their corporate alignment. The lucky member got an aneurysm and early retirement. The unlucky fans had to feign excitement for a band that continues to lack any enthusiasm of its own.

The main problem is that a rock band doesn’t care if its product suffers once the brand has been established. Nabisco has to make sure that there are always fresh new batches—with consistent quality—of Oreos and Winston Lights out on the shelf. (They’re even always on the lookout for brand extensions such as Oreo Big Stuff and Ready-to-Spread Oreo Frosting.)

REM fans, for further example, didn’t get anything that good. They got Pete Buck running off to play with every band in Seattle, and Michael Stipe producing disappointing films like Velvet Goldmine. The back catalogue isn’t going to go stale, so nobody cares about the music. Nobody cares about REM’s audience, either. They all went stale back in 1993.

Established musical acts have it easy. But Living Colour—remember them?—weren’t that established. Nobody really noticed when the band dissolved after 1993’s Stain, which was mainly notable for how new bassist Doug Wimbish wrote the album’s sole decent song.

Of course, there are certain corporations that deserve their demise. (We should all be grateful for never having to suffer through another flight on TWA.) Living Colour, however, would prove that they deserved to win back consumers when they reformed in 2001.

The band wisely took their time before finally reemerging with the unlikely greatness of 2003’s Collideøscope. For starters, the album includes what remains the only great song about 9/11, written from the view of an actual victim of terrorist douche-bags. The album also benefits from the maturity of musicians who are no longer trying to steal the show from each other. Among other things, this spares us a lot of forced funkiness.

And Living Colour isn’t just cashing in with the kind of holiday show that aging acts throw together so they can buy their kids some new iPods. This concert marks the end of a proper tour—which included a smallish venue in Nashville that was probably the same club they played back when Vivid was starting to break. Sat., December 17, Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Place, (at E. 15th St.), 212-777-6800; 9, $40/$35 adv. n

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

CONTESTS :: Living Colour DVD Taping & Show!

12.16.2005 | World Cafe Live | Philadelphia, PA
JamBase is pleased to announce a special ticket giveaway for Living Colour and Danielia Cotton, shot live for high definition digital video. We have 40 pairs of tickets for this very special event set to take place on 12.16.2005 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA.

This performance will be documented in high definition digital video for possible future broadcast on HDNet, public television and other television outlets, as well as distribution as a DVD. Please note that, by attending this performance, you are giving your consent to World Cafe Live, Living Colour, Danielia Cotton and Delilah Productions to be filmed, photographed and seen on any future television or internet broadcast, DVD, etc. Also please be aware that during the course of the production and performance, there may be some slight interference with your experience due to the movement of camera equipment during the concert.

Doors Open at 6:00 PM
Show begins at 7:30 PM

click title link to enter

Living Colour interview W/ Uncle Daddy's Smokeshack

"I (Chris 'Uncle Daddy Longlegs' Czynszak) recently had the opportunity to speak, via telephone, with Living Colour frontman Corey Glover. Living Colour, as many of you know, gained popularity in the late 80's with the breakthrough rock track, 'Cult of Personality' from the album 'Vivid'. The album was co-produced by Mick Jagger which led to the band opening for The Rolling Stones. They went on to play at the innaugural Lollapalooza Tour. They have since released numerous albums, broke up in 1995, and reformed in 2003 for their latest album, 'Collideoscope'. Living Colour will be performing at The Exit/In this Friday, December 7th. I'd like to thank Corey Glover & Hard Head Management for allowing this interview. Enjoy!"

To reach Chris 'Uncle Daddy Longlegs' Czynszak, e-mail at:

Friday, December 09, 2005

Interview w/ LC in Atlanta, GA - USA

I'm interviewing the band on my show today between 4:30 and 6:30 EST on 1053 the Buzz in Atlanta! LC is playing here tomorrow night at the Masquerade, I can't wait. They've been my favorite band for almost 2 decades now!!! You can stream us online at too.

3p-7p weekdays
1053 the Buzz
thanks chris!!

Living Colour - Living With The Chair In The Doorway

Long Beach Magazine article w/ Living Colour. Click title/link to read!

the link is now correct!!! sorry for the mix-up!)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

Living Colour setlist - Magic Bag Theatre, Ferndale (Detroit), MI - 4 Dec 05

thanks dj tommytoon

Show start - 10pm sharp

Memories Can't Wait
Middle Man
Funny Vibe
In Your Name
Sacred Ground
Open Letter (to a Landlord)
Glamour Boys
Go Away
Either Way (Doug vocal - unsure of title)
Ignorance is Bliss
- Will drum solo -
Time's Up
Cult of Personality

Power Of Soul

Show end: 12:05am

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Living Colour tour dates + small review

DVD Teaser Link --> Living Colour DVD Snippet

Sun 12/04/05 Ferndale, MI @ Magic Bag - TicketMaster
Mon 12/05/05 Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues - TicketMaster
Wed 12/07/05 Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall - TicketMaster
Thu 12/08/05 Indianapolis, IN @ The Music Mill - TicketMaster
Fri 12/09/05 Nashville, TN @ Exit In - TicketMaster
Sat 12/10/05 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade - TicketMaster
Wed 12/14/05 Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club - TicketMaster
Fri 12/16/05 Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live - World Cafe tix
Sat 12/17/05 New York, NY @ Irving Plaza - TicketMaster

Danielia Cotton is the opening act!

Living Colour @ Town Ballroom small review
thanks jboogiee (from the soulive boards)
"As far as Living Colour I have been a fan of them since their debut album Vivid-never seen them live til last night & they got busy-Vernon Reid shreds the guiatr & is very underrated, Doug Wimbush is a talented bassist & what a hell of a setup he had-Will on the drums gets busy & corey's vocals are dead on-as far as some songs on their setlist, here are some of them, not in order:

Time's Up
Open Letter To a Landlord
Love rears It's Ugly Head
Middle Man
Funny Vibe
Cult Of Personality

They played more but those are the 1's I can think of off the top of my head."