Monday, October 03, 2005

Will Calhoun's "Native Lands" Fall Tour 2005

as per Will Calhoun's tour schedule

Featuring: Greg Osby, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Melvin Gibbs, Orrin Evans and Will Calhoun perfoming the music from Native Lands.

Wed 10/05/05 - Berlin, GERMANY @ A-Tran
Thu 10/06/05 - Hamburg, GERMANY @ Fabrik
Fri 10/07/05 - Halle, GERMANY @ Theaterhaus
Sun 10/09/05 - Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS @ Bimhuis
Mon 10/10/05 - Köln, GERMANY @ Stadtgarten
Tue 10/11/05 - Ljubljana, SLOVENIA @ Tv-Studio 1
Wed 10/12/05 - Graz, AUSTRIA @ Orpheum
Thu 10/13/05 - Wien, AUSTRIA @ Porgy
Fri 10/14/05 - Innsbruck, AUSTRIA @ Treibhaus
Sat 10/15/05 - Zürich, SWITZERLAND @ Moods
Sun 10/16/05 - München, GERMANY @ Bayerischer Hof
Mon 10/17/05 - Nürnberg, GERMANY @ Tafelhalle
Tue 10/18/05 - Nancy, FRANCE @ NancyJazz Festival
Thu 10/20/05 - Bratislava, SLOVAKIA @ Babylon
Fr 10/21/05 - Hradec Kralove, CZECH REPUBLIC @ Festival
Sat 10/22/05 - Dortmund, GERMANY @ New Domicil
Sun 10/23/05 - Brüssel, BELGIUM @ A 140

As always, please make sure to check with the local venues to confirm show dates and details!

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Anonymous said...

I saw Will Calhoun live, yesterday, in Brussels Belgium.
It was the final concert from the AZA-tour, supporting Will's new CD 'Native Lands'.
If you haven't got it yet, than now is a fine time to get it. It's nothing like Living Colour, but it shows another side of Will's craftmanship.

The concert was great, I'm no real jazzcat but I enjoyed every little moment of it.
The players al seemed to enjoy it too, although i spotted some signs of fatigue at the end of the show. As I mentioned it was the last concert of the tour, so I guess everybody got a bit tired.

For those who want a reference they played Afro Blue, Umoja, Pyramids, Dorita and I guess Native Lands.
All songs were thorougly spun out with everybody having his solo spot.

As a bassist myself, I really enjoyed Melvin Gibbs playing.

offcourse Will's solo performances really struck everyone down. There was an incredible drumsolo to feast your eyes and ears on. And it all goes so easy, it seems. Will keeps amazing me, everytime I see him play.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to speak to the musicians afterwards.
I was eager to ask Will about the 'changes in Living Colour-world' Doug recently announced.

Both Will and Doug are in Brussels this week for the recording of a new Head>>Fake CD.