Wednesday, August 24, 2005

CBGB's Favorite Colour

By David Schultz

Halfway into Living Colour's Friday night set at CBGB's, Corey Glover belted out the opening lines to Open Letter (To A Landlord), perfectly encapsulating the populist undercurrent of this month's benefit shows to save the legendary punk club on the lower east side of Manhattan:

Now you can tear a building down
But you can't erase a memory
These houses may look all run down
But they have a value you can't see

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thanks ted


Anonymous said...

Hey any news on the East Coast Tour, I missed last year Tour in Washington, DC and I don't want to miss this opportunity again!!! I'm a Fan from Brazil that currently lives in the US and has been a fan for over 10 years.



Anonymous said...

nothing that i'm aware of. doug announced on his website messageboard that they will be touring in decmeber, but it looks like that it might be europe again. keep checking here and the official site tho. cheers!