Friday, April 01, 2005

3/27/05 Jungle Funk Review in Zaandam

So, last sunday I was at the Jungle Funk gig in Zaandam.

I had great expectations for the concert. It had been oodles of years since I saw Doug & Will play in this constellation with Vinx.

I knew there was a different approach to this series of concerts: it wasn't merely a Jungle Funk gig. It would contain portions of Vinx solo and Head>>Fake material and so it did.

Although I can't remember the whole setlist (if there was any).

On the Jungle Funk side we heard old songs like 'Temporary Love' 'Ugly Face', 'Still I Try'.'Cycles' (which is more a Head>>Fake tune to me, since it's on the Head>>Fake CD). Than there also was 'Trance' which is one of Doug's song.

In the Head>>Fake section we got 'People', "Head>>Fake (in the area)" which was more or less a hearty thank you to Andy Stackpole who did the mix. There were many solo parts: Doug's bass solo, a layered bass tune... Will's drums solo which was stunning as usual. Vinx did a solo song, that reminded us of his beautiful voice. He did a Carol King song (It's too late baby)

There were several other tunes that I cannot paste a name on.
A new song with Will on keyboard.

For those interested: Will played Odery drums. I don't know if he got a new endorsement contract with them.

The concert was about 2 hours, which was nice.

It was a very small audience (about 70 people) which was a bit disappointing in a way but very intimate in another.

I thought it was great. I had hoped for a new CD but I guess there hasn't been much time between the Living Colour tour and this one to get in the studio. Maybe they'll do another live album? Someone was getting the concert on camera, I guess that was for the Head>>Fake DVD.

So, to me, it was a great gig, I really enjoyed it and on stage they seemed to enjoy it too...
Can't wait to see them again. (Montreux Jazz, maybe...)

Doug is around in Europe for some shows with Little Axe (1 in Brussels, yesss), so I will be looking for>ward.

thanks steven!

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