Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Eye Review - The Tao of Yo, Yohimbe Brothers

The Tao of Yo Thirsty Ear/Outside

Yohimbe is touted as a cure for male sexual dysfunction, and 2002's Front End Lifter, Brothers Vernon Reid and DJ Logic's first opus, was indeed a potent mixture of grooves. Two years later, their follow-up retains the host of guest stars, off-the-wall ideas and wacked-out improv, although its effects on the lower body are less pronounced. The Brothers trade in irreverent innuendo for socio-political rants, and engage in some musical wankery that bogs down the funk. The best material, such as the Le-Tigre-goes-to-Cuba opener "Shine for Me," features poet Latasha Natasha Diggs. The Tao is all about balancing the yin and the yang, and in this case, it's no surprise a woman saves the day. MD

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