Friday, November 26, 2004

Living Colour To Play The Roxy in Buenos Aires
as reported on the official site of Living Colour

Living Colour will be performing a very special show at the Roxy in Buenos Aires on 11/27. This show will include some very special moments, and will be filmed for the DVD. Go get your tickets and you will not be dissapointed.


Ruizist_bot said...

I wouldn't presume to remember the complete setlist of the show of Novermber 27th at The Roxy, but let me tell you which songs were different from the day before.

Postman in, Go away out
Desperate people in, Glamour Boys out
Open letter (to a landlord) in, Memories can't wait out
Operation mind control in, Elvis is dead out
Tomorrow never knows in, Time's up out

One of the greatests shows ever, only for an attendance of 250 lucky fans. Both shows were approximately 1h 50m long, maybe the one in Obras Stadium a few minutes longer.

Anonymous said...

I think they also played "A ? Of When"