Sunday, August 08, 2004

August 7, 2004 - Living Colour @ Bowery Ballroom setlist
As promised on Friday night, LC would play the same setlist, but backwards :

1. Tomorrow Never Knows/Nova/This Is The Life
2. Cult Of Personality
3. Type / Israelites
4. Time's Up
5. Love Rears It's Ugly head
6. Open Letter To A Landlord
7. Ignorance Is Bliss
8. Flying (w/ a snippet of 41 Shots)
9. In Your Name
10. Funny Vibe
11. A ? Of When
12. Middle Man
13. Sacred Ground
14. Memories Can't Wait
15. Terrorism
16. Crosstown Traffic / What's Your Favorite Color jam
17. Will Drum solo


Anonymous said...

Bravo on the great show at the Bowery...... I remember towards the end of the set, Corey talked about how a fan from the previous night was asking "what's with all the politics??" Well he must not be very familiar with Living Colour, since they've been politically minded since day 1. (Just listen to the messages in half the songs on the first CD.... )
SAY IT LOUD GUYS ! - Jody McAllister

Anonymous said...

what i thought was odd was when a couple people in the front of the stage left during the anti bush comments.