Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Backstage Pass

Living Colour (review)
opening for King Crimson
The Pageant, November 7

Though best known for their 1998 hit song “Cult of Personality,” the reformed Living Colour can still rock. Throughout their set at the Pageant on November 7, vocalist Corey Glover demonstrated his expansive vocal range and strong voice. Even without the famous spandex shorts, his stage presence was explosive. And the talent doesn’t stop there; Glover’s vocals were backed by a very talented band.

Vernon Reed is still one of the fastest guitar players to walk this earth. In the rhythm section, the beat was held steady by the excellent drumming of Will Callhoun. In addition to being a stalwart drummer, Callhoun also holds notoriety for being one of the band’s songwriters. The only non-original member of the band was bassist Doug Wimbish, who got his start as a session player for Sugar Hill Records. To his credit, Wimbish is good: when he hits a note, you feel it vibrate the inside of your soul.

Going into tonight’s show, I was questioning King Crimson’s choice of opening acts. By the time Living Colour had finished its first song, though, I realized they were the perfect opener for the night. Unlike other bands from the late ’80s/early ’90s, they have grown with the times.

Living Colour has just released CollideØscope, its first studio album in ten years. —Michael Dahl

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