Friday, December 05, 2003

Dr. Brookenstein reviews Living Colour @ the Trocadero

LIVING COLOUR took to the stage at 10:00pm to perform an oldie, "Memories Can't Wait".....the highlights were during the 3rd verse when Wil Calhoun broke it down on the mighty drums and when the band strategically threw in pauses between lines....that was da bomb!! The guitar (courtesy of Vernon Reid) and bass (courtesy of Doug Wimbish) rock chords were definitely solid and so was the ever-so-passionate vocals of Corey Glover! "Song Without Sin" (from the new CD, COLLIDE0SCOPE) was a great, hardcore funk-rock tune and "Funny Vibe" was superb, with moments of punk-rock energy, Doug announcing "Philly, hello dare I's your new neighbor!" and a bad case of "nasty bass-itis"....DOUG, YOU"RE TOO CRAZY!! "? of When" was another rock scorcher, which segued into "Operation Mind Control" (like on the CD)......Vernon was the absolute star with some crazoid guitarisms!! I caught some fans singing the chorus.....go ahead, fans! "Ignorance is Bliss" was good. "In Your Name" was a great piece of metal-bending, brain-melting stuff with the bass and guitar a-blazin' with an element of Headfake/Jungle Funk artillery.....some pre-recorded sound samples, like programmed drumbeats and laser-sounding effects! "Flying" was a beautiful slow song, considering that it focused on what probably happened to 2 people on that dreadful day on the upper floors of the World Trade Center complex. The highlight of "Flying" was the distorted guitar riffs of Vernon, but a funnier highlight was seeing Doug jump in during the last 3 seconds of the instrumental break to shoot out a spanking funk-bass riff!! "Sacred Ground" lit the club afire with the heavy crunch of guitar-bass metal.....yours truly could not control himself! Wil is too lethal on bad, he could break down tall buildings with his sticks of death!!! "Middle Man" and "Time's Up" were great. "Cult of Personality" was da bomb......Wil was lethal on drums, the guitar-bass rock combination was killer on the ears, and the fans were in rock heaven!! Fans knew and sang the lyrics along with Corey! Corey climbed atop a speaker and onto the second floor balcony, funkin' with the Living Colour fans! Corey even demanded that the second floor fans stand on their feet. The band finished and walked offstage, to come back a few minutes later to do the Jimi Hendrix classic "Crosstown Traffic"........ the club was ripped apart by the rock force...... them boys will work you like a full-time job on the stock exchange pit!!!! Again, fans were singing the lyrics and Corey was definitely feeling love from Philly! The show was over at 11:20pm. (note : TM Stevens was in the house as well, and got a special shout out from Doug Wimbish)

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