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Review: Living Colour - Collideoscope
October 27, 2003

By ROB CLARK / The Dallas Morning News
Grade B

A hearty "welcome back" is in order for Living Colour. The New York quartet instantly makes the often ho-hum hard-rock landscape better. And much more interesting than the usual Puddle-of-Nickel-Smack.

Collideoscope is the group's first disc since it broke up after the under-appreciated Stain in 1993. The band hasn't missed a beat. Vernon Reid is, as always, a guitar terror, and his crunchy riffs lead the way. Lead singer Corey Glover can wail with the best of them but scores highest on the slightly mild tunes, such as "Flying" and "Pocket of Tears." The soul in his voice has a better chance to emerge when he's not screaming his lungs out. Other highlights include the lead track, "Song Without Sin," and the trippy "Operation: Mind Control."

Really, the only major slip is a cover of AC/DC's "Back in Black." Seems like an unnecessary attempt to get attention. Living Colour's music can do that on its own.

Philadelphia Daily News Review

DON'T ADJUST YOUR SET: Living Colour returns from the missing with "Collideoscope" (Sanctuary), enriched with a heady collage of styles, from the funkified challenge of "A ? of When" to the slinky, trippy "Flying" and the techno/metallic-edged protest "In Your Name." Likewise juicy are the reggae-fied "Nightmare City," blues-scorched "Holy Roller" and a slashing cover of AC/DC's "Back in Black." A real headphone trip. A-

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