Monday, October 13, 2003

Reminder Free NYC show Oct. 14th
Tuesday, October 14th at 5:00 pm
Live Performance in City Hall Park

Followed by In-Store Signing at J&R Pop Store, 23 Park Row
One of the most influential bands of the late '80s, Living Colour crossed musical and racial boundaries with thier blend of hard rock, metal, jazz fusion & funk, blazing a trail for successful protege such as Rage Against the Machine & Sevendust. Now, guitarist-extrordinaire Vernon Reid, singer-actor Corey Glover and crew are back with their most challenging, expiremental and, perhaps, satisfying release yet -- CollideØscope. Do not miss this opportunity to see them blaze live in City Hall Park!

Living Colour - Collideoscope : Living Colour Webring Review

Excerpt from Fall 2003 Bass Guitar article w/ Doug Wimbish

...Wimbish took an active role in making Collideoscope happen, and that meant doing whatever needed to be done. “I was like the main overseer of this record. I brought in my crew, organized all the studios, financed shit, put cats up, took care of the hotels and crew – even before the label paid us a dime. I had everyone over at my studio, Nova Sound in Connecticut, and I took care of all the gigs.” And how did Wimbish’s strong work ethic translate to the bass? “I had a hand in the sonics and in getting the best out of everybody. I asked myself, How could I make Vernon Reid sound better by playing less or more or different? On this album, I’m really trying to play a supportive role while keeping the bass in your face.”...

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