Thursday, October 02, 2003

Tuesday, October 14th at 5:00 pm
Live Performance in City Hall Park
Followed by In-Store Signing at J&R Pop Store, 23 Park Row
Phone: (212) 238-9000
One of the most influential bands of the late '80s, Living Colour crossed musical and racial boundaries with thier blend of hard rock, metal, jazz fusion & funk, blazing a trail for successful protege such as Rage Against the Machine & Sevendust. Now, guitarist-extrordinaire Vernon Reid, singer-actor Corey Glover and crew are back with their most challenging, expiremental and, perhaps, satisfying release yet -- CollideØscope. Do not miss this opportunity to see them blaze live in City Hall Park!

Living Colour - The Garage, UK pics
Check out Sam's Living Colour site for some shots of the Garage gig.

Jagermeister Music Tour - Portland, Oregon
Wed 11/26/03 Arch Enemy
Wed 11/26/03 Five Foot Thick
Wed 11/26/03 Hatebreed
Wed 11/26/03 Living Colour
Wed 11/26/03 Slayer
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