Monday, September 22, 2003

Review Of Melkweg Show
*special thanks to Ferdinand


this wasn't seeing a show, this wasn't hearing a band play this was EXPERIENCING a concert. It was increddible, the guys really wanted to have a big party today and they got what they wanted and so did the crowd. There is no way to explain what the show was like today, but it was everything a rock concert should be and more. They opened with Back in Black and Corey can sing live just as high as on the record, if AC/DC ever needs a new singer ............ then they played Time's up, a ? of when, operation mind control, song without sin, flying, middleman/trance, sacred ground, nightmare city, memories can't wait (great version, Corey went out of his mind, he showed that he's the best singer on this planet), pocket of tears, this little pig (which Vernon introduced with the words "we don't play this very often, and you can hear why"), type (in which Verdon does a little reggea singing, it's great) and as the encore they did Cult, and Crosstown traffic was the second encore. The setlist says Glamour boys, but they didn't play that. Dennis, I owe you a big THANK YOU for getting me the setlist of both the Hardenberg and the Amsterdam concert, you're the best!

There was a lot of fun on stage, Corey trying to push Vernon away during a solo, Doug sneaking behind the back of Corey and bodycheching him like he was a icehockey player, Corey hugging Doug when the crowd started to sing "happy birthday to Doug". The show was recorded, according to Dennis for a radio broadcast, so everybody, keep your eyes open,...

After the show we (Nader, Nick, René and Ilse) met up with Vernon, Corey, Will, Doug and Dennis. Tomorrow they have a day off, and after seeing 3 shows in a row I know why, man life on the road kills you and I didn't even have to play :)

To all the SG members who will see them during the rest of the European tour, please write reviews and check if they record the shows...because the new stuff ROCKS!!

ps: the venue where they played have 2 rooms, one for approx 600 people and one for approx 1100 people. They were supposed to play in the small room, but the show was sold out so fast they they transferred them to the big room, and still there were people standing outside in the pouring rain looking for tickets. It's great to see that Living Colour is still very popular without getting any airplay or hardly any publicity and not releasing a new album for 10 years. What will the crowd be next time??"

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