Monday, September 22, 2003

Living Colour 8/29/03 - Willisau, Switzerland pictures

What is yahoo's Sacred Ground?

It is a site that "is dedicated to Living Colour, the best and possibly most underappreciated bands of the last decade. From the searing guitar of Mr.Reid, to the beautiful vocals of Corey Glover, to the thumping bass lines of Muzz and Doug and the drums of Calhoun, they had it all. Many of their tunes address social issues: police brutality, the poor, drug abuse, racism and they did it with a sweet groove. This will give us die-hards and chance to talk about the band. Let's also discuss what the guys are up to now.....

The guys are back together! They had a reunion show December 21, 2000 at CBGBs in New York and played a string of dates on the West Coast in May 2001, where fans were treated to versions of "Sacred Ground" and "Release The Pressure," as well as a very funky version of Hendrix's "Power of Soul." More dates have been played in South America, Europe and the U.S. They are now playing shows off and on at various locales. In November 2002, the band signed a deal with Sanctuary Records. Several new songs have been played at recent gigs: "Song Without Sin," "This is What You Want," "Holy Roller," "Flying" and "Pocket of Tears." The new album "CollideOscope" will be out Sept. 23, Oct. 7 in the U.S. Let's keep each other informed. Peace. "

check it out! (and when you join, remember that you have the option to check the site whenever you want, or recieve emails)

Also, jump onto Sam's Living Colour messageboard. It's a new part of the LC website, but hey! join both SG and this one!

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